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Systems Management Package


You're big enough to deserve quality technical services! Sure, you could limp along with a couple laptops and a USB backup drive, and I could hop across town for coffee. But it's painful, and sooner or later you'll realize it's time to get serious and treat your computers, network, and data like the essential component of your business that it really is!

Total Assurance Maintenance

This proactive maintenance service surpasses nearly everything you'd expect from a full-time, in-house IT department! Not only is every aspect of your computing environment checked and double-checked; any bugs that have been worked up since the last visit will be wiped out completely. You'll be informed of the notable or recurring issues, and advised of further solutions for improvement, disaster avoidance, and 100% coverage of all your technical equipment's operation.

This includes monthly checkups and preventative maintenance for all computers in your office. We'll make sure that there are no system, software or network conflicts in place which could cause downtime or data loss. Any special features that are set up will be checked over to ensure accuracy and efficiency, with recommendations given if needed. This provides peace of mind to employees and managers alike, ensuring your systems are stable and don't hold any disastrous surprises in store.

Extended documentation for all items, including hardware and license purchase and expirey/renewal dates, advanced warning for software renewal and consultation regarding upgrade/competitive products will be given well in advance of the deadline. Keeping you informed of what's out there, and how it applies to you.

The days of requiring a full-time network administrator to manage your network of computers are over! But how can this be? How can a "part-time", off-site, consultant even compare to a full-time technical employee?
Let's take a look:

  • We implement solutions for a wide variety of businesses, with every level of complexity
  • We manage hundreds of computers on a continual basis, with varying hardware, software, and network configurations.
  • We solve problems in so many different situations, that are so "specific" to each business. We've solved your problem before, and probably recently.

Add-on Services

For the smaller offices and home-based businesses we offer our services in an la carte format as well. This makes it affordable for every single business to have just the coverage they need. Already have a backup solution in place which curiors rotation drives for you? Is it company policy to run two anti-virus and spyware removal tools every morning before work? Then no need to duplicate the task!

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