April 2004
Volume 2, Issue 3
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Welcome back to the second edition of our newsletter in 2004. We hope the last one, and the ones to follow are informative to you and serve to quench some of the questions you ponder from time to time.

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  Virus Updates 

Many of you will notice the increase in viruses traveling around via email. While this is a big problem as far as global bandwidth goes and bogging down company servers all over the world, there is a more immediate danger to each user and their computer. A virus can reside on a computer for some time before it does anything, and some viruses can even effect hardware failures when they dump their payload.

There are hundreds of new viruses being made and released every day throughout the world. They can infect your computer through Active-X controls, software downloads, email attachments, Internet chat conversations, website plugins, peer-to-peer file sharing, and malformed Java applets to name only a few.

Unfortunately, simply having a virus scanner installed does very little to protect you against these threats. What's more important than the brand of virus scanner you use, is how often they release virus definition updates, and how often you download them. Many virus scanners now have an auto-update feature which will take care of this for you.

But, the only thing worse than no protection at all, is a false sense of security. It is necessary to periodically check that your virus scanner of choice actually is downloading the latest definitions, running the latest scan engine, and scanning the right files!

This is a very commonly overlooked aspect of computer health. To have this taken care of for you, complete with quarterly reports and user education, ask about the External Security Protection service that can be added on for as little as $4.95 per additional computer!

  Computer Humour 

Windows isn't a virus, viruses do something

Speed kills. Switch to Windows98 and save lives!

If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.

  Microsoft vs Europe 

For the most part, everybody has at least heard of the legal battle Microsoft® has been fighting during the past few years. It seems to have quieted down on the Western front, but now the European Union is taking their shot at the well known software giant.

In the minds of many people, this battle is over. But the European Union recently hit Microsoft® with the largest fine imposed yet: $613 million US. The reason for this fine is still the age old abuse of "near monopoly" power. While this might sound like a cut and dried scenario up front; there are many ways to think about the situation.

The basis for a good portion of the law suits have been to prevent Microsoft® from bundling non-essential components into their operating system software (WindowsTM). Items such as Media PlayerTM, CD-Burning and Internet search capabilities built into WindowsTM Explorer, bundled Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, and fax software to name a few.

Is Microsoft getting slapped in the face for trying to give too much for too little to the consumers? Or does the fact that something's available prevent a user from trying something else, and therefor indicate misuse of popularity or monopoly?

What do you think?

Microsoft policies
Is Microsoft abusing their power?

Yes, they are flat out bad
Yes, they are abusing their power
Somewhat, they are taking advantage of their market coverage
Not really, they are reaping the rewards of years of work
No, they make good products with handy features


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